Thursday, April 6, 2017

Sometimes I feel as though I'm waiting for something amazing to happen. Some glorious being come down from the midst of the clouds to shine upon us all, else some kind soul to stop and pay attention to me sitting here, at my desk, whitling away the time until I can go home... to yawn, my messy, messy house... just thinking of my living conditions gives me anxiety, dirty ugly carpet, kitchen drawers askew, horrible bathroom vanity with the new bottom and old Formica top. Couldn't the dang landlord spring for a new counter for the bathroom for crying out loud! Else I wish to find some audio book that will infuse me with a sense of well being, a new way of thinking, something that will give me a spark of intelligence and wit to speak to my fellow beings. Alas most of my pedantic thoughts are contained within my own head and never escape. Probably for the best. I want something amazing to happen. Where is the glorious happiness that we are all looking for? I wonder

First published in 2014

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