Thursday, April 6, 2017

Different Lenses

I wonder how it is that I can feel so amazing at some points in time and so on the brink of despair at others. One variety of life to the other I wonder how can it be? That elusive feeling of well being, simple appreciation of a good conversation, friends who were once there are no longer, through chance, through time, they are gone. They filter out of the room, out of awareness then suddenly, illumination they are there a bright spot in your day. At times I wander from place to place with a quiet amusement at the people I see. Sometimes I hide, no wish to be seen on days when I just cannot smile, on the inside anyway. Sometimes the ache is so strong to be held that I sandwich myself between pillows and drink hot coco and try not to cry. Sometimes I do cry, remember what has happened, sometimes I scream. I like storms, approaching darkness, the pungent breeze. I like the fresh reminder that life, LIFE is happening out there and I'm not alone.

Originally published 10/19/12