Monday, November 21, 2016


You left me because you say that I have been untrue, to you

Untrue to you?

What!? Untrue??
I gave you of myself
I gave you my thoughts, my hopes, my dreams

My heart

With radiant eyes, I looked upon your face
I clasped you in my arms
and I wept for all the silences, that revealed all you wouldn't say

Untrue to you

All that I have is myself
I have only wished for happiness

Untrue to you

I gave you all, and all was sunk
deep, deep into that pit of sorrow
that infects your soul and radiates a silent pulse of animosity

Untrue to you, no!

Untrue to myself, I am mine alone to give and belong to no one else.

I gave you all I had
In return, I am set adrift

True to myself, all I have to give, my thoughts, my hopes, my dreams

To share,
with someone else