Sunday, April 6, 2014

Patches on the Soul

Life is full of definitions, assumptions

Darkness, indifference


These came about through IGNORANCE

Igorance of who I REALLY am

Pigon holed into your perfect paradigm, BLESSED ignorance!

I am not a paradigm

I am the essance of what is real in this world

The wanderer, searching through innocence, indifference

BLASTED infamy!!

All this

All the words spoken to me, by me

you didn't hear my voice

not really

I cannot be defined, placed into a model of simplicity

To really know me

Give me your thoughts, hear mine

My essence is self reflection

the pieces of my soul have all been patched together 

You got in the seams and TORE at them, TORE


Yet no less damaging for all that.

Now I'm left patching them up, for the first time in YEARS I can hear my own thoughts again.

I can be who I am again...

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