Friday, February 28, 2014

Where is my heart?

Where is my heart?

This is my companion, a keening search for self

Trying to define 

My smile

Deep mystery



Deep soul

Searching constantly

for the pieces

Spread throughout the world

Written down 


By others

passing words on their lips

thoughts on paper

A piece of me

I am

Reflected in your smile, your laughter

Ever searching

So many places


for the source of myself

balm for my heart

Not whole

Pieces of my soul

spread thin

Written down

or spoken

Where can I find my heart? 

I have searched in caverns of wonder, I have listened to the wind

I have felt a disjointed prayer as I searched in the woods. 

Can I join in communion, with the laughter of the angels?

A little

Where is my heart?

It is aching in my chest

Poked and bleeding 

As I turn the pages of the pictures on the screen 

It is filled with echos

of wonder



It is sitting here with me at my desk

In a world where heartache 

is hard to escape.

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