Wednesday, July 31, 2013


Into the farthest reaches of my soul lies a leaper

a leper, an outcast, a symbol

and there I find my uncleanliness

and there I find that I lie in pieces

a broken heart

afraid to dream.

For all I dream
and all I know has
fallen around me

Yet I wish to be whole

to stand in the open, baring my soul

cleansing rain will fall on my head

cleansing tears will fall from my eyes

I will see who I am again

I will be renewed

and the mirror will be my friend.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013


The silence haunts me,

after so much noise.

It is deafening!

All I can do is clunk around in my room,

turn on the fan

lie down,

and listen to echos.


Echos of what?


Echos of possibilities, fleeting as they are


Echos of happiness, of pain

and I cry, laughing at the absurdity

Unsure of what I should do...

with silence.

Monday, July 8, 2013


As I lie, the shackles fall, these humble walls can't hold me

Sacred memories, sainted sites, blessed past enfold me

Stars glitter in the night

Lilting melodious wind in flight

Take me up among the leaves

Share my soul among the trees

My breath is part of you

Ancient drops you know me, right

Don't leave me to these shackles

Leave me to lie here



Someday will come

like the mists that shroud the mountains in the orange glow of  a winters night

and water off dripping gutters, into overfull puddles

broken emblems of the cracked cement


the mists of time will hang gently

like a shroud

in the orange glow

of gentle light

and your thoughts will be dropped

broken emblems

in empty pools.

Sunday, July 7, 2013


Do you feel the Spirit of God in the wind
as it blows in drifting currents
across mountain pass and meadow?

Or does it feel like the breath of the Earth
as it passes through realms unknown?

Realms of darkling universe

where Matter and Energy meet

Forming a voice for the void

An existence of wandering