Sunday, June 30, 2013


Existentialism an encapsulation of existence.

Creation of eternity

a brief glance at all

and yet nothing

Here in this form, this identity

yet everywhere

all at once

supremely unaware of the awareness

of creation

of divinity

of everything


If unaware, then does anyone truly exist at all?

Not to me

Friday, June 14, 2013

In The Wilderness

Ancient silent answers await


Your calming mind


Senses anew





AND there, THERE before your eyes the clouds part and  sunshine illuminates the verdant leaves that shake and blow in the wind

Fresh Earth


Stuns your senses

Lifts your heart upon the wind, up past the leaves, to the sky


Thursday, June 6, 2013

Little Quite Girl

Guide me

Little inner voice

Guide me once again through the wandering wind, through ancient tomes, through majestic copses of trees

Fill my heart

Wonder and happiness

As the silence is broken, my heart fills with laughter

I am free to speak again!

Sigh, inner voice.

You know me, little quite girl

Sitting by the stream

Dreaming in the forest

Mind ablaze with wonder, gazing at the night sky

Quiet little girl

Too quiet, letting others wills predominate

Letting others do and say what they want

like they could define you

Quiet little girl

Accepting their definitions

Swallowing guilt and stupor

Swallowed into a hole

Dark and ignorant

The essence of you


Sing again little quite girl

Sing with gladness, SING

For you are not defined

By your mistakes

Your glad little heart

will live again

when the essence of you lives.