Monday, March 25, 2013

Beautiful Women Shine with Tender Hearts

Women, beautiful women
Golden shining stars
Tender hearts

Girls grasp their daddies hands
Snuggle against his heart
With absolute faith in his love

Women grasp at hands
Grasp at straws
Seeking absolute love

An illusion

They put on false airs
Keeping up appearances

For bits of love

Sending pictures of fantasies

Broken dignity



Women, beautiful women
With tender hearts

Thursday, March 7, 2013

I Am a Woman

I am a woman

I hold the essence of life within me,

a connection to the divine.

I radiate the sunlight,

bright beams through passing shadows.

I gather the spirit of womanhood

from sands of time.

Sand which cascades freely though the sky, hours passing. 

Tear drops of life,

gather as pools of knowledge at my feet.

Speak to me in soft whispers,

your breath as a breeze against my ear.

Walk with me through the valley of sweet grasses,

feel the sand beneath your feet.

Wash away your tears in the pools of my heart.

Pulsating with the earth,

our hearts beat together,

as the sigh of the sea.

I am a woman

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Passing Thoughts

No matter how safe the bet,

it is a gamble

each little heartstring sent out into the world

A hope that somehow, SOMEHOW

The one you've always wanted is there, understands.

How deeply can the heart love

so quickly be full of hope

of spring

of new life

new love

yet somewhere there is a twinge of fear, somewhere.

Uncertainty fills the new hope with that fear,

reaching out to grasp at the passing petals

falling from the flowers of newness,

falling into time and space, death and decay.

Fleeting impressions that SOMEHOW,

somehow you can fall,

never knowing where you will land.

How much it will hurt.


In Spring new flowers bloom, beautiful things


Warm, Radiant


Burst forth from the ground

Tiny little seeds

So beautiful

They make the heart sing

Call out to the sky, call out to the sun

Tiny raindrops

Liquid capsules of new life