Sunday, September 1, 2013

Just A Bite


a mono-cyclic setting in the night

or is it?

Ah, they may say different

but all I know is slumber

I eat and breath zombieizm.

What would it take, for you to notice?

Who am I?

Ballony, garbage a piece of chattel lying in the street

tossed by passing cars

thrown by the tread



you watch from a distance

as though eternity is some interesting concept brought up and spoken of by dewy eyed men

as though this flesh

my flesh

is a speck in the wind


songs have been written

that say so

Yet why is it, that men whose remains have long ago vanished


and their words are still breathed out in reverence

then why not I?

I am yet to be a success, have I ever been?

Have you? Have you tasted it?

Well, I would live and die for a taste

that said

before now...

I was too scared to bite

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