Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Psychology of the Animals

Animals that pick on other animals, homeless, mangy animals
the way that they see the myopic strangeness of now
yet often cannot see the obvious
how often they guard and protect
how often they run
how often they cry

they cry because they cannot see

they cry, they cannot see

there is another side

a side you cannot see

Harsh, harsh hurtful infliction

Puncture, wound, maim

Lash out

they say he is insane

and yet they cannot see the wounds, the silence, the wounds

and then the end, the pathos, the end

Silence, lonesome

a howl in the night

pathos denied

the criminal is dead

The others rejoice, he is no more!

gloating silence, he is no more


and then they see the emptiness

the depths of sorrow they had missed

the silence echos
a refrain of the empty life.

1 comment:

  1. I love this poem honey! Uncut and so pristine to the level our society has stooped down to. I am recalling a saying from Gandhi where he states that a city OR a society can be judged by the way they treat their animals. Regardless of the perspective, be it in the animal world OR us humans, it makes complete sense.

    The ending, in particular, pierced right through me and made me feel quite emotional.

    As always, you blow my mind away darling! Keep on writing!!! :) xoxoxoxo