Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Short Breaths

Fussy fussy night noises, I cannot discern one thought from another, I am left to wonder at the irritation felt just beneath the surface of my nerves

My daughter shifting on the bed, turning upside down
Scratching at the pillow

There at the tip of my tongue
the thought I want to convey

Snatched as though grasped by mocking demons, laughing at my desires of expression

Tears come to my eyes, frustration, desire

I wish to be alone

yet ironically I know this is all

a breath of my life


  1. I know that situation all too painfully well. I hope it doesn't last long for you.

  2. When we are alone we often want company and when we have company we want to be alone! There is no pleasing us is there. I suppose it is all a question of balance.

  3. It is a situation I grapple with quite often... yet I will REALLY miss my little girl when she gets big... :(

  4. We all look for companionship... I miss you sweetheart!