Saturday, April 23, 2011

Greek Tragedy

In that fashion, not quite unknown to me, yet like a foreign language a burden on my tongue, I shall try to write this bit of poetry.

It is as if the ancient Greeks have dressed me with false masks of emotions

I stand before the stage about to appear

trembling in the anticipation of the tragedy before me.

An act! A farce!

The falsity of silence behind the curtain.
Yet I can feel the emotions newly starting behind closed eyes.

Behold the Heroin! Bright shining star!

Behold her now

Through trembling lips I give the confession
a condemnation of reality

Priestess! Now pauper

Silence greets me

a haunting reminder of the truth.


  1. Actually, I love it! I am rewriting a chapter titled: "Medea" - in my novel of Greek Mythology and this reminds me of her.

    P. S. I LOVE that murderous wench!

  2. Yes, how well she enacted her revenge... ;)

  3. My chapter reveals a different light on the story. I have based my finding on a study of the etymology of the names and of the customs of ancient Clochis (the city of Medea's birth). Revenge was NOT the whole story. Email me if you are interested in reading a beta version.

  4. Sure, I will have my darling Ajey write you, we both love myths and legends. :D