Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Living Life

I'm listening

Someday I will hear and understand

I'm seeing

Someday I will comprehend

I'm doing

Someday I will know how

I'm cleaning

All that I clean will be unclean again

All that I see will someday be altered

All that I hear is the harmony of everything that once was and what is

I'm dreaming

Dreams are realities yet to be born

Life is living


  1. I'm reading! Very nice Annie. :)

  2. "Dreams are realities yet to be born" ....I love that line!

  3. Very moving, dear Annie.
    I love the 'Dreams are realities yet to be born'. So true.
    Thank you.

  4. Dreams are indeed realities yet to be born... fantastic!!! keep writing!!!

  5. This gives me a good feeling to read. We can't predict what tomorrow will bring to light in our life, n there's always more to learn. You also relay a sense of wonder to behold.

    Dreams are indeed very real to me!