Saturday, December 11, 2010

Wandering ramblings

Contemplate what motivates man

To live to die

to thrive to wither in the ennobling-degrading silence of peculiarity

A man walks down the street

choices led him there

he is there


The pricks and prisms of everyday life drove him quietly to it

his choices led him there and there he stays

he will live and die on that obscure stage

body and soul, wandering

Wandering, whether this way or that

sometimes we think were headed somewhere

often we end up where we never thought we'd be.

Friday, December 3, 2010


Ironic, that the emerald could be packaged in such a way, that gleaming sparkling gem, dark and green, a cold capulation of summers fair bounties and yet is it not summer? It is not

Mysterious the sparks of steel and flint, the rough edges smoothed away, burned by fire, cut by steel, shined by a soft doe cloth until all is buffed, gleaming.

 The glint is alluring

Yet each gem lies in it's own deep chasm, which cannot be bridged.