Saturday, August 7, 2010


There is a moment where in weariness you look out at the world and plead, plead for a taste of fresh forgotten youth. Or is it home that you are longing for?

Either way it comes to me in the midst of the night as I'm bumping about the house hoping to catch a moment of the past lurking in the corner.

I catch a bit of it here, a bit there

Sometimes though I wonder what happened to the wonder

Little potato bugs rolled up in a ball, water skeeters, the flow of a sudden stream in the gutter off into the unknown regions of tomorrow. 

Remember watching leaves and sticks flow away in the current? Life is like that

Swiftly passing by, headless of the obstacles

You cannot grasp onto the stationary semblances of the past, the current is too strong

Hopefully though, I will be like the rough cut stone, which when tossed about will become a shining gem.


  1. All of our lives are like that rough stone. It is up to us to make a gem of ourselves.

    I recall the moments of my naivety. I lost it at a young age. Believe it OR not, sometimes I yearn for it.

    I mean, yes, I know it is always nice to be mature. But, sometimes, just for sometime, I would want to be excused rather than being criticized.

    Nicely written!

  2. Hello dear one long time.. I have been out of the blog loop, needing time with family and some personal medical problems.

    Reading this post I felt so alone, sad, my eyes filled as if running down sudden , yet I was smiling, I saw this even those tater bugs.. he he. sigh the little things I feel we pass up on in life that are so precious, and YES currents are strong but most do in time turn to gems and will keep shining.. Hope all is well

  3. Annie, it's so true, when the wonder is gone, what then. nice thoughts, kiddo