Saturday, June 12, 2010

Silent Answers

For Ajey

He never knew it would end this way with the present of friendly banter and comradarie, yet there he lay to rise no more, no more

a procession of days of years of minutes, the seconds passed by at that moment; helpless as the thick red blood slowly dripped from the wound, all in the name of hatred, of love.

Yet they were mistaken,

every one

They knew not that they killed their brother

their brother, a friend

all out of hatred, of love

The numbing shock, the swallowing grief were emblems remaining of violence. The questions remained, the questions became the formless void unrelenting.

In the silence lay the answer, the stillness of the heart

who will reveal it? Who?

Only you

1 comment:

  1. Only you and I know the details of the incident that inspired this poem. Only I can reveal it completely. And, only to you I shall reveal it completely. I want to talk about it. But, I do not want to share it with everyone. It is too personal. It is too sentimental, shocking and infuriating to be shared with everyone. I know you know what I mean. But, I must add this describes by on-the-stage feel very well.

    You know, I have thought of writing about this. And, I have briefly in one of my songs (you know which one). I think I need time to write about it although I have gotten over it already.

    Very well described! Excellent write! Never stop writing!!!