Tuesday, July 9, 2013


The silence haunts me,

after so much noise.

It is deafening!

All I can do is clunk around in my room,

turn on the fan

lie down,

and listen to echos.


Echos of what?


Echos of possibilities, fleeting as they are


Echos of happiness, of pain

and I cry, laughing at the absurdity

Unsure of what I should do...

with silence.


  1. I have felt this, and I'm feeling this. I reckon this is the time when one requires to review the past, clarify things, restate them, feel them again. Silence can help one understand the value of those words, those actions, those feelings that was conveyed. One understands the value of something only when they lose it.

    You know, I am here.

    Keep writing!

  2. Oh! I hear and feel these echos so many times. It is like the mind runs wild and flashes back things that we did not bother to care about at the time we happened to view them or hear of them. All, we can do is laugh because you are so overwhelmed that you aren't able to do anything else but to laugh it off!

  3. Silence?
    I have never known a house with a woman in it where 'silence' could be found......

    Anyway, just remember you are beautiful.
    Meditate on that.

  4. Nothing has been creatively written for a while.
    Don't tell me you are happy.....?