Saturday, June 5, 2010

Grains of Sand

There is a certain frustration when running in sand

the progress when doing such is slow

each step you take is heavy

HEAVY with every little grain

each minisule bit

Yet the goal is to reach the top, isn't it?

So you try different things

taking large slow steps

picking up speed and trying to stay above the bits

the little bits, the grains of sand

Eventually you realize that going straight up the hill is futile.

What about approaching at an angle?

Surely going up the slope at an angle is better.

The summit is right there...

just out of grasp.

Futile steps

lie down

Then angrily you storm the hill, how dare it keep you there, you want to reach the top!

All of your energy! All of it!

Is spent fighting against those little bits

the little bits, the grains of sand.


  1. I have written something similar to this. I love the analogy here. Being living amidst sanddunes I have always felt this struggle. It is so true that sometimes you keep struggling when a bubble flashes upon your head and just like off-roading, if I may, we need to approach any summit at an angle, and it works wonders! But, not always!

    Life is a constant struggle. But, to me, that's what makes it worth living. Reaching on top of the summit is not what brings me joy, but the uphill struggle that I went through is what makes the whole thing memorable. Don't you think so?

    WOnderfully written!... as always!!!

  2. Hard work to get to summits, of whatever type... now the goal gotten, thefeeling is just unique... more worth it after a big effoert.

  3. This is a wonderful write-up. Beautifully described here is how hard we struggle to reach the elusive summit. We try, over-try, innovate, over-innovate, get frustrated, angry, give-up. At the end, we feel so inadequate and empty.