Saturday, June 26, 2010

Contending with Confusion

I feel pushed to the corner, the corner of what I know not and I hate it.

Yet where else could I go?

I had talent yes? No?

It slowly leaked out as I walked slowly dripping down into the cement

fueled by distraction it left

I felt ignorance enter like a stone

a weight

and there it stayed, a broken thing taking flight

who can contend with that?

So I retreated, to the corner, where it was safe.

Though the shadows crept over me, they couldn't hurt me there.

Yet in reality I was soaking up pain, hurts and frustration.

I couldn't say a word, they were snatched from my mouth

and rearranged

a bundle of confusion

I would speak

but the words had left me.

How could I contend with that?

1 comment:

  1. WOW! this was brilliant! Extremely strong! And, I agree how hard it can be when one is not allowed to explain themselves completely. I can feel that emotion quite strongly. I reckon, take the time, and allot the time to properly "express" yourself, and trust that you shall be heard, and it will be fine. It is hard to be contend with that as of now. For sure!