Saturday, May 22, 2010


Do you know what I'm guilty of?



Bitter Irony

and why?

Because of the cycle...

snatched from youth

to raise youth

to give it all...

though young still

to be considered old

and why?

Because my young are old

and I


am ironic


  1. Quite a cerebral one from you. And, I, for one am not at all surprised at this intelligent post.

    This world is full of irony. Darling, you bring up some excellent points here. For me one of the biggest irony is the need to ask for advice when we already know the answer but secretly wish we did not. Irony is that we live this life but we hardly get out of this life alive. Honey, irony, to me renders deeper understanding but it is less friendly.

    As always, you write about factors that most of us choose not to brainstorm about. You have a great insight darling. I have always appreciated it. AH, you know that already!

    Keep on writing!!! Muwah!

  2. Irony is all around us and in so many different forms. And Ajey's right, you really do have great insight into things that most often times, others don't even bother to think on. Thanks for Sharing this, I know how you feel :)

  3. The vicious cycle in which many lives come and go away in silence. That is irony, that is tragedy and that is ignorance. Yet we (wish to) remain blissfully ignorant of these facts. Such is the irony!