Sunday, June 30, 2013


Existentialism an encapsulation of existence.

Creation of eternity

a brief glance at all

and yet nothing

Here in this form, this identity

yet everywhere

all at once

supremely unaware of the awareness

of creation

of divinity

of everything


If unaware, then does anyone truly exist at all?

Not to me


  1. Darling, this one is supremely profound. And, I readily agree with the question laid here. If one is "unaware of the awareness", then, his/her existence is questionable. AH, sweetie, you remind me of the song I wrote - Careless Wind. Just brilliant, as always! Keep writing! Muwah!

  2. Hey
    I think I do. Now I am not so sure.
    Reading you reminds me of moments I've had of the kind... I o now... BUT it's not nice
    Must find some self comfort and satisfaction...


  3. Delusional minds living an illusion. That is what it is. That is how many, almost all live their lives. They come and go and live a non-existence. That's the tragedy, but that's the truth.

  4. So very true Sweetheart! If one doesn't live a life, aware of their possibilities, then what good is living at all?

    Dulce, thanks for your thoughts. :)

    Vittal, that is the truth and it is sad. I think that life leads us down this path because we often have to make a choice between the ideal, living with integrity to yourself, and the reality of making/earning a living.

  5. So does a person in a coma exist? is life in thought, feeling or breathing? I think maybe existence comes in sizes. I'll taske mine large, please. ~rick

  6. Not to themselves Rick, unless they are aware of themselves in their commatic state. Life is thought, feeling... life is breathing... yet it is so easy to slip into a thoughtless state, where even feelings are muddled... existence in a miserable state of unawareness...

    I think a greater existence/awareness is just what the doctor ordered.