Monday, May 24, 2010

A Different Kind of War - Circa 1995

The heat in the night was ruthless,


As I felt the heavy tanks thundering across the land

I thought of how this bloody shed of life is to our mothers

who have made this miracle of life.

The war is not of nations and guns

but of hearts and souls.

The mothers tender heart breaks with each of her dying children,

she weeps a million tears until her heart is hard,


and can weep no more.


  1. Darling, this one complements my recent post in so many levels. And, this one makes a good second part for my song. I mean, while mine talks more about the damage, yours talks about the aftereffects. I must say love, this one is so emotional. You have your way with words. This is a classic example for - less is more! Keep on expressing!!!

  2. Yes and Ironic that I wrote this out of a fit of emotion way back when...

  3. Annie-war can know so many different battlefields. so many fronts. so many feelings. You captured it well. ~rick

  4. A soldier killed translates to a dead child for a mother. A nation may rejoice the winning of a war, but at the background is the heartrending scene where all mothers of dead soldiers sit and grieve.