Friday, January 8, 2010

Dusty Tomes

It is the constant din that makes me lose myself

concentric circular staircase, winding towards heaven

winding into eternity


a ruse

Ever, ever, ever I carry my soul


for release

an opening of my mind

buried in dusty tomes

touched lightly

by fear

I cry as I read


  1. time for you to read some maya angelou, girl :)

  2. Hmm, although my second thought is the most obvious one here, I will mention by initial thought.

    Honey, the fear of confinement, the fear of not having the space, the time for oneself is most frightening. I can completely relate to one seeking for a release to sprout out their internal thoughts and feelings.

    I have blown away the dust, now you can release it all out, my love. Muwah!

    This is very cerebral darling! Very crafty, the written style. Just brilliant! Keep up such great works coming!!! Muwah!

  3. So Beautiful. I love the way your words come out:

  4. Thanks Grrl, that sounds like a good idea :)

    Darling, yes you've stated my meaning clearly here, Muwah!

    Dulce, Thanks :)

  5. Annie- I know that din. hard to control it. none of the knobs seem to work. Let me know if you find the manual. ~rick

  6. Rick, Thanks, I wonder if there are repair men for the job...?

    Island of peace, yes it is, yet it is often obscured by the din.

  7. Life sometimes takes us round and round in concentric, vicious circles. There is no end to it and once we are stuck there is no way out. Only the strongest can ever break out and I guess there are not many such strong souls. A liked the message here. Truly amazing.

  8. Indeed.. creatively written .. not only this one but all ur posts too ...

    In b/w inviting u to read my new poem ..

  9. I see a change in your writings somewhat I think you have blown that dust away for good with a little help ..


  10. I like this very much. Those tomes can contain a frightening amount of information. And our souls.