Tuesday, December 8, 2009

A Trickle

Upon the mountain top lay a pool of sparkling water

the rains came

thunder roared

life was torn asunder.

The water lay stagnant the pool muddied,


until the tear

a tear

Let loose the dam,

let loose the broken debris of a life

let the waters flow


Starting slow, slow, slow

building, churning

a clap of thunder reveals the turmoil

the lightning strikes!

and the trickle

the trickle builds

builds momentum

down the mountain, down


Into the valley, ever gaining, ever widening

filling an immense space

the space between two oceans

and two hearts


  1. keep lettin' it out girl...good to see you back on the blogs...

  2. Aahh! It is not alone the imagery, the metaphorical implication I adore here. I kept reading this on and on and on. The consolation is, the immense space is been filled.

    You are a very good writer, you know that, right? Loved it! Keep writing!!!

  3. Beautiful, but, oh, so very sad.

    (By the way, I agree with Brosreview.)

  4. wow this touched my heart. I know you can write SG but this is my fave.. SO glad to see you back writing again. I loved how you used this and referred it to life, broken hearts,

    have a great weekend.. HUGS

  5. I agree with Ajey, Judith and Inky. This is a very well-written piece Annie, or must I spell it Anney, eh?

    The connection between nature and human nature is very well established. Now, I know why Ajey kept insisting I visit your spot.

    I am following you from now on! In a good sense, I mean!

    -J and J