Tuesday, December 22, 2009


The chill of the damp earth

Oblivious as the snow gently lands and dissolves on its' surface

a gentle landing, after a gentle fall

Still, it piles up after a time,

after a time the frozen earth cannot be penetrated

Such little flakes,

such seemingly simple weight,


yet when piled high

can crush


  1. A pile can be fatal. It better be regularly swept away.

    Well done! This is brilliant! I love the implication. Muwah!

  2. I agree with Ajey here. A pile of problems and unsaid or unspoken or unexpressed suppressed issues can crash and burn down in an more inhumane way. This can be avoided.

    A very good analogy here.

    You are on a roll. Annie, have you got back your muse? Obviously yes. I am glad that you have.

    Hugs and kisses,

  3. says something for not letting things build up...but no matter the weight, you have the strength my sista.

  4. I am here on recommendation by Ajey. He had warned me, "Be ready to be blown away." I know what he meant now!

    Such a simple fact. It is the emotions. Emotions bottle up and then it begins to hurt. It eats you from within. It gnaws all your happiness away and when let loose came down upon a unsuspecting individual with a crushing force.

  5. Thank you for the comment Vittal ~ Yes it is emotions, interestingly enough I didn't set out to write about emotions but that is what came out. :)