Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Listening For Your Words

Gently the air moves

a caress

I am standing by the river, and my soul

you feel it

My soul, is yours

Yet frustration, I cannot speak the words which escape as an imitation of the truth

and you cannot speak when you run away

footfalls on the pavement

where your frustrations meet the ground


into pools of water

flowing towards the river

where I stand, listening for your words


  1. Muwah! Sometimes I do that, don't I? Refrain myself from expressing myself as I fear I might make you feel sad. Although I know it hurts you even bad when I do not express it, you know I try and you hold my hand and give me some time.

    I am breaking the jar. You know I am.

    Your words, are not the imitation of the truth, they are the truth! Muwah!

    Very genuine this one! Keep writing!!!

  2. I'm saying darling that when I am frustrated I cannot speak what I truly feel...

    I am holding your hand here


  3. Annie, I understand and agree to both your and Ajey's perspective here.

    It is hard to express oneself while under pressure. But, between two people who have nothing between them but just love and respect, I personally think there should be no hesitation in expressing oneself.

    Sometimes it is hard. But, eventually you will definitely get through it and without no time you will find yourself opening up within fractions of seconds.

    Annie, keep trying on it and Ajey, be patient dear.

    As I think of it in Ajey's perspective, I have often noticed guys refraining themselves. Again, this is strictly when there is true love. Guys care so much that they dwell in their own presumptions. Why don't they understand that we women can handle it?

    It is when they do not open up, regardless of it being out of love and their fear of hurting us, that it hurts more, don't you think Annie?

    Having known Ajey for this long, I strongly think he would be cryptic in his revelation but not secretive. Yes, I can write that in confidence.

    Again, an honestly strong piece. I am waiting for more of the kind.

    Hugs and kisses,