Monday, December 21, 2009


Because reality stung too much, I tried to escape

I tried to face it
I tried to run

but I ended up screaming that the miserable little problems created from neglect would leave me alone like I left

Left alone

and I tried to fight, I tried

but I slipped

On the path of redemption, on the path of pretension can I see clear enough to focus?

Can I?

When blind reason leaves me, when following the light and passion a fleeting dance in the night

Consumes me, caresses

entombs me, undresses

and I am left lying, solemn

crying on the floor

The sound of the whistle

a haunting sound

reminds me that I'm alive

I shiver

It is time to decide


  1. Hmm, interesting description of the negative past. This is quite haunting. Very very strongly described.

    You've emerged stronger from it. Don't let the whistle haunt you any more. Open the doors and windows, the silver breeze is arriving at your door step for you and yours.

    No more tears honey, except of course, if they are of joy.

    You've made the right decision! Muwah!

  2. My tears are of joy my love, joy that I can share fully in our relationship... and that you care enough to listen to me cry. Muwah!

  3. sometimes we just have to wait. and work on ourselves instead of our surroundings.. make ourselves strong. if we can make it then problems become weak by themselves.

  4. sometimes we have to let life be and act on ourselves. if we are strong problems become weak by themselves.

  5. Annie, you have been offered a new beginning. Bury the past, however hard it is, as you can make nothing of the past, but you sure can alter the finale.

    I can imagine that haunting sound of the whistle. It becomes hard to face and accept anything after experience(s) gone wrong. I am with you on this one Annie.

    So, times post this, it is harder to decide. As far as I know of all this, you have undertaken the right decision, and let me be the one to assure you, you will never regret this. In fact, you'll or may be already regretting not having found this before.

    You'll now no longer just be careful, but since your decision is a careful one, you will be delighted and contented.

    Weak moments make one stronger and the proof that they are alive. Happy moments does the same as well. Now, it is time to be happy.

    This is very profound. You both are brilliant writers.

    Hugs and kisses,