Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Westward the wind blows
Heaven lies shaking in repose
Yet all was well at day break

Wisdom cannot speak
Heathen ever weep
Yesterday is gone

Wishes lies were true
Hasten send forth the pew
Yaweh will judge you now

I shudder as I scream, can I forget
do you regret

Silence now reigns, ask not why


don't lie


  1. A very strong piece! Right from Line 1, this piece is very emotional. The direction of the wind sets the tone for me SG.

    Lies! Ah, I know how you feel!

    A brilliant piece! Succinct and hard-hitting! I like the way you convey soooo much with just a few lines! Well done! Keep writing!!!

  2. Powerful piece, Strawberry Girl It reminds of something a friend once said, "no matter what happens below, nothing changes in heaven."

  3. Ajey, your opinion means a great deal to me... thank you.

    Judith, I like that quote, thanks.