Friday, October 30, 2009

For love of Fall

The wind, a breeze


Through the hazy afternoon


The scent of autumnal bonfires.

Awake soul!

The dying embers of the summer sun


Warming the top of your head

Soothing caress

you sigh


a part of the dancing leaves

colorful decorations

of fall.

Saturday, October 17, 2009


Minutes, hours

Each moment agony


Small pricks

Restless misery

Burning guilty

Little flames

Fagots eat at my heart

Tell me you forgive me

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Westward the wind blows
Heaven lies shaking in repose
Yet all was well at day break

Wisdom cannot speak
Heathen ever weep
Yesterday is gone

Wishes lies were true
Hasten send forth the pew
Yaweh will judge you now

I shudder as I scream, can I forget
do you regret

Silence now reigns, ask not why


don't lie

Rainbow Lenses

You need me, reconsider you say
oh restlessly the wind blows
when your faced with eternity

Give time her due, she passes
in nursery rhymes
in troubled times

she passes away


I remember that day,
the day we first kissed

Fire fell from the sky
and I viewed it from a distance
through rainbow lenses

Don't know where those lenses are now

Monday, October 5, 2009

Rays Upon the Mountains

Sitting upon the mountain tops,

a ray of light, so fair.

Never am I giving up,

forever will I dare.


The young bud a tender bloom,

a full rose bud of sweet perfume,

a rose who's seen a better day,

imparted beauty on its way.

Sacred Kisses

Sacred, kisses given

Stretching on tiptoe, to hug you around the middle.

My first love

Infinitely sweet, sacred,

little kisses.

Young love

Trusting, timid kisses

stretching my heart, hoping that I am held sacred.

Mature love

Heart Attack

Order me a heart attack,

heart healthy,

watch the labels.

Care must be taken, shaken,

not stirred.

Into the deep blue bliss,

the extreme sport of,

watching lines on the monitor.

Sure we can talk,

over easy.

Hand me a cup,

of silence, when you


Building Anticipation

Scorching heat, dry weeds.

Tall, sparse weeds, some cockle burs that stick to your socks.

A lonely desolate place, though somehow it is a place that speaks softly of expectation, as though at any moment "something" exciting will happen.

Languishing in the sun, following the lines down, further and further as the anticipation builds.

Almost giving up, when...

A low rumbling starts, so faint only vibrations and expectation is felt at first.

In the distance, clickity clack, tickity tack, clickity, tickity, clickity, tickity.

Growing louder and louder, the rumbling as well.

Suddenly a long slow whistle, like a lost soul cries out.

Wooo wooooo

Bursting onto the scene is the rattling train, clickity, tickity, clickity, tickity.

The weeds shiver and the smell of coal dust and steel emanates from the shuttering beast.

Clickity, tickity, clickity, tickity, clickity, tickity on and on it goes.

Until suddenly,

Scorching heat, and dry weeds,

are the only thing you can see.

Short lived fulfillment,

as the anticipation begins to build again.


(Inspired in part by this picture by AC)

Gossamer threads, a shroud.

Gone is the wisdom earned through toil.

Pull from beyond the veil,

threads connecting, binding, pulling, informing,

a face formed from many generations

the manifestation of many nations

formed together, a battle between inclinations.

eyes that hold secrets

secrets yet revealed,

a call

who am I?


A presence like a storm, or the ancient woods,

I am held diminutive, within your grasp.

Solid as the mountains, you calm me,

my sweet breath caressing your spirit.

Contentment fills me as I breathe,

your essence, musk, cedar, your freshly bathed body.

Tingling, my fingers reach for yours,

to grasp the magnetic tremors between us.

You fill the aching emptiness within me.

Vulnerable Love

I am in love with you,

the very essence of my heart you hold in your hands.

I gave it to you as a whisper, a gift,

in torrential release from the prison, which held it.

I walk in vulnerability,

my heart aches for the caress of your words.

Words dear to me as jewels,

jewels formed from the elements.

Gathered from the sunlight, star bursts and clouds.

Without you all is cold and the sunlight is gone.