Friday, September 11, 2009

Spinning in the Dark

In the silent sacred corridor, footfall after footfall down the pitch black hall

walking blindly, walking forward towards the neon sign, says "exit," illumination in

the dark. Breath is held in the air of suspense, still, silent night as I reach for

living waters. Renewal at the spigot of faith, renewal in the silence.

Dusk till dawn in the dessert I roam, wandering barefoot in the cool sands.

Silence is eminent, silence surrounds, silence on earth and in heaven abounds.

Brilliant darkness, radiant dark, interspersed with pinpoints of light,

unsteady on the top of the world, I reach for a hand that is not there and stand

spinning, thirsting for still waters.


  1. Peace amidst the chaos.
    She will find it and it will strengthen her through the storms.


  2. Wonderful write, as Ananji said peace amidst choas.

    Have a great week-end.


  3. Some peace and some silence is all we long for, well, at least sometimes. Well done!