Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The Snare

OH Woman, though ancient goddess of love,

Oh woman, woman, woman

how grief and sorrow meets within your breast,

how joy and pain intertwine.

Oh woman, how thou sufferest for the sake of others sorrows revealed,

servant, healer called forth from the primordial wisdom of reconciliation,

woman thou art an angel, a self effacing saint,

how little you believe such praise,

when you do and have done as women,

through all time and eternity have done,

you have been caught in the net of idealism,

turmoil the vision of glimmering freedom seems a mirage upon the sand.


  1. And we are beautiful with such........if only we would believe it! Ha! I am liking your words written, you.

  2. A most interesting poem to read SG. The message came over very well, thanks for sharing.


  3. SG- very good, especially the last line. Seems like all should be well, but why does well feel so bad? Wonder what inspired this. ~rick

  4. U just get better and better.. I am learning from you.. TY!!!

    My feelings on this one,
    sounds allot like my life as a young lady, woman, lover, mother, wife, , servant not just to God but to mankind.. A mirage is right..!!!

  5. "Caught in the net of idealism" - Sweetie, that line is brilliant! Keep on writing!!!