Sunday, September 6, 2009

A light in the Darkness

I have been dead

Dead, so long, a product of neglect

burdens unshared

burdens heaped

smothering burdens

a pile of disappointment,

shoved willingly upon my head.

I have been dead

A ray of light shone

shone upon the shadows

illuminating my mind

illuminating my heart

glorious illumination!

The weight has been lifted

from my soul, where

A ray of light shone


  1. SG-It's good to be back from the dead. Good to find freedom from the darkness, the weight. Beautiful. ~rick

  2. Resurrection of the spirit...

    the basis of all faith is that we must die to live again. Sometimes even faith must die to be regained.

    Beautiful and hopeful, SG. The joy of burdens lifted is worthy of celebration.


  3. Yes, ananji, resurrection. Just what I was thinking!

  4. There is always hope and your words make me think of the saying 'after the Rain, the Sun always shines' even if he takes a bloody long time to come out!Ha!

    BTW I am no 'Master' and it is not a good idea to learn from me.Ha! Really! I do not lie.

  5. oh we all need this spirit, your writing always resurrecting,,

    just to beautiful!!!

  6. Is it about love or faith? I guess it could be about both, since they have a way of bringing forth the light from the dimness.

  7. ill admit that it is frightening that you feel so similar to how i feel.. & that you express yourself in a very similar manner.