Thursday, September 3, 2009


In love, love with the way that you looked at me, how you spoke, the contours of your face, I traced them, memorized them cherished them,

I was so infatuated, the very idea of you, thrills, shivers, fluttering.

How could I have known, how?

Complications, hesitations, reservations, pressure would end things in a heap of flames... silence now reigns?

Love was a spark,

an ember burning in my heart.


pressure, suffocation.

Coal to ashes, fires burned,

fires extinguished.

Flames to dark pitch,

now a silent stone.


  1. Sad, but beautifully so.

  2. I can relate to this, 9 yrs after I became a widow I met a "Charming man" who I thought could give me a second chance of happiness, well we moved in together and overnight he changed,
    All I will say that I was unhappy, felt a fool, but hey! you never know whats around the corner.


  3. Very sad that love's energy changes, wanes, and sometimes dies.

    Beautifully written, as always.


  4. I turly believe , from past relationships, God shows us the way and eventually leads us to that one person who really makes us shine inside and out, perfection I do not seek, but, honesty, trust, affection, simple cares for one another, we all have to have, to me it is precious and rare.

    I want your book ,, SMILES

  5. BTW I love this photo, so fitting to your thoughts here :}

  6. I did a double take (double read) this is so similar to something I once wrote... I guess, sadly, it's a universal experience.

  7. Ananji, I have missed you soul sister! How are you? Thanks for the comment! :D

    Yes Ruth, all to common... thanks for commenting. :)

    Inky!! I missed you :) I hope you are well after the ordeal of last week. TY for the comments. :D

  8. Some fires do it, burn themselves out. Best to feed them, crouch low near them, coddle them, keep them near. True though, some fires never keep.