Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Awareness of God

Can we rely on how we feel at the moment?

All that we have really are vague impressions, sacred hope.

Hope for equality in a better world,

hope that someone, somewhere understands.

That you and I will be seen in the whole and judged accordingly,

each salient breath brings us closer to the end, the unknown.

How ironic that we all eat of death daily; what was once living, breathing, turning towards the sun to grow, is the substance of our lives.

What magic the elements make on our bodies, transforming each thing from its former state into a new state, or the old state, the simple product of chemical reactions.

Dragonfly, leaves, rotting fish, to dust. Dust which in turn blows about, mixed in good measure with rain and the process of photosynthesis to become new again.

All that being said; Where comes the spirit? Where is faith?

It comes from the unexplainable awareness of you,

your thoughts, turned messages in my heart.

Awareness of your presence in my darkest hour.

Awareness as the hushed silence is filled with a new cry.

Awareness that my dear grandmother would die, I knew, though I don't know how I knew.

A deep aching sadness felt at the passing of a loved one, hidden connections between you and the ones that you love.

Tears that come as solemn hymns are sung and truth is spoken.

All evidence to me of the living, breathing reality of God.


  1. A very good post which was wonderful to read.


  2. Beautiful, Strawberry Girl. I always say that I am not moved by what I feel or see. I am only moved by what I believe. It is not that I don't feel a certain way or see a certain thing. Rather, it is the hope that lies beneath. Thank you for this post. By the way, I love the "Me and My Daddy" photo. Love the couch too!

  3. Georgie, thanks for the comment. ;D

    Yvonne, so glad you liked it.

    Judith, thank you for commenting, isn't that couch a classic? ;D

  4. "All evidence to me of the living, breathing reality of God."---hmmmmmm, when feeling so disconnected from God (drowning in internal chaos and external troubles) it is good to be reminded to take a moment to pause and see God (His goodness and greatness) in the every day :)

  5. Trying to catch up from being away last week, when my mind is not working right I cannot think.

    Ty for visiting me and no need to apologize for missing posts silly girl lol

    This post has me say. Judge me not from the outside, judge me from the inside out!!