Sunday, September 20, 2009

Grains of Sand

Standing in one place the eternities stare,

an eternity, as sand pulling away from the dune,

over time.



pulling away from the dune.

How indifferent the wind that plays with the shifting sand,

asking more and more

until the sand is blown away.


piled behind a wall


as indifferent as the wind once was

blow as it may

the wind cannot pass, but is turned aside.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Evocative Sound

Hauntingly beautiful sound,

a train whistle.

Evoking a yearning


Clatter, clatter,

moving forward.

A call to decide.

On Writing

Nothing like the purity of writing

clarity found,

a simple sound.


Words distilled,

truths revealed,

friendships sealed,

and hearts healed.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Spinning in the Dark

In the silent sacred corridor, footfall after footfall down the pitch black hall

walking blindly, walking forward towards the neon sign, says "exit," illumination in

the dark. Breath is held in the air of suspense, still, silent night as I reach for

living waters. Renewal at the spigot of faith, renewal in the silence.

Dusk till dawn in the dessert I roam, wandering barefoot in the cool sands.

Silence is eminent, silence surrounds, silence on earth and in heaven abounds.

Brilliant darkness, radiant dark, interspersed with pinpoints of light,

unsteady on the top of the world, I reach for a hand that is not there and stand

spinning, thirsting for still waters.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Silver Lies

Breathe life into me, for your arms I have ached

my lips have parted for the sweet taste of your silver tongue.


as i tell myself that all is right,

as I hope for things which I haven't seen.

Silent as I lay here in this eerie world of darkness

as I lay awaiting the hope of a new beginning.

The light, how dim it has grown as I walk down the hungry streets.

I have breathed in the air of bitter recourse

after the elation of our love has crashed after these many years.

How could I have known what the silence meant,

the desperation hidden behind veiled eyes.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The Snare

OH Woman, though ancient goddess of love,

Oh woman, woman, woman

how grief and sorrow meets within your breast,

how joy and pain intertwine.

Oh woman, how thou sufferest for the sake of others sorrows revealed,

servant, healer called forth from the primordial wisdom of reconciliation,

woman thou art an angel, a self effacing saint,

how little you believe such praise,

when you do and have done as women,

through all time and eternity have done,

you have been caught in the net of idealism,

turmoil the vision of glimmering freedom seems a mirage upon the sand.




Numb, another one

No really, another one?

It has just begun, just begun, it cannot really be another one.


It cannot happen, I will not let it, what can work,

can anything work to stop this? Can it?

I will try It , anything, anything

Bring me herbs, doctors, voodoo magic

Stop, stop, stop this please



Naïve girl

This one

This one


Can still happen

Even if

You are numb

*This piece is connected with this piece

Monday, September 7, 2009

Life hangs in the balance, how teneuous the thread.

We live and breathe and die in the waters of life,

swimming blindly we grope for the truth,

into and out of the push and the pull of thought,

confusion, growth, clarity.

The air,

contains the electricity of emotion,

living breath,

breath between souls,

immediate fabled electricity

between man and woman?

Sunday, September 6, 2009

A light in the Darkness

I have been dead

Dead, so long, a product of neglect

burdens unshared

burdens heaped

smothering burdens

a pile of disappointment,

shoved willingly upon my head.

I have been dead

A ray of light shone

shone upon the shadows

illuminating my mind

illuminating my heart

glorious illumination!

The weight has been lifted

from my soul, where

A ray of light shone

Thursday, September 3, 2009


In love, love with the way that you looked at me, how you spoke, the contours of your face, I traced them, memorized them cherished them,

I was so infatuated, the very idea of you, thrills, shivers, fluttering.

How could I have known, how?

Complications, hesitations, reservations, pressure would end things in a heap of flames... silence now reigns?

Love was a spark,

an ember burning in my heart.


pressure, suffocation.

Coal to ashes, fires burned,

fires extinguished.

Flames to dark pitch,

now a silent stone.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Awareness of God

Can we rely on how we feel at the moment?

All that we have really are vague impressions, sacred hope.

Hope for equality in a better world,

hope that someone, somewhere understands.

That you and I will be seen in the whole and judged accordingly,

each salient breath brings us closer to the end, the unknown.

How ironic that we all eat of death daily; what was once living, breathing, turning towards the sun to grow, is the substance of our lives.

What magic the elements make on our bodies, transforming each thing from its former state into a new state, or the old state, the simple product of chemical reactions.

Dragonfly, leaves, rotting fish, to dust. Dust which in turn blows about, mixed in good measure with rain and the process of photosynthesis to become new again.

All that being said; Where comes the spirit? Where is faith?

It comes from the unexplainable awareness of you,

your thoughts, turned messages in my heart.

Awareness of your presence in my darkest hour.

Awareness as the hushed silence is filled with a new cry.

Awareness that my dear grandmother would die, I knew, though I don't know how I knew.

A deep aching sadness felt at the passing of a loved one, hidden connections between you and the ones that you love.

Tears that come as solemn hymns are sung and truth is spoken.

All evidence to me of the living, breathing reality of God.