Sunday, August 23, 2009


At this late hour, darkness, like a silent friend awaits, awaits each flip of the switch, each click of the mouse, to turn off the distractions of the universe, to get reacquainted with eternity.

Eternal sleep, silence awaits, as your eyes close in circadian wonder and you are surrounded by the figments of thought that flicker through your mind, sometimes leaving you more confused than peaceful, a world where the sense of sense is senseless and your impassioned speeches are heard, or disregarded as the masses walk or your loved ones flit silently through your mind; each falling victim to your fears or your hopes in the wee small hours in your deepest sleep, remember that your impassioned speech may bring you to tears, but was never heard.


  1. SG- why do you think it not heard? All thoughts are speech and are heard. Trust me. ~rick

  2. A very enjoyable read, sleeping is one's way of relaxing from the trials and tribulations of the day......ot it's suppose to sometimes our happiness and sorrows continue in dreams.


  3. Hate those nights when your body is so tired, all you want is a great night of sleep, your eyes are going 100 miles an hour, thoughts of many, jumping to and fro , back and forth, keep you from falling asleep
    I know I dream allot, and have been told, heard aloud , and have had converstaions with me whilst dreaming. I hate falling dreams, they scare me, I know the bad dreams are started from events in my life that stress me out, passionate dreams ,are my favorite, ( hate when I wake up ) or the person you are dreaming of , his face is no longer there ?? I think in our dreams, that the submerged truth sometimes comes to the top.

  4. I love to sleep... hehehe. As often as I could and anywhere I can. Of course, not when I am seeing patients. LOL

    I like the phrase "circadian wonder."


  5. Well, it is heard. It depends who is hearing and who is listening.

    Nicely written! Keep at it!!!

  6. Dear Strawberry Girl,

    I had a wonderful time dipping my toes in your posts and bathing in your beautiful words. You are a terrific writer.

    I also wanted to thank you for leaving a thoughtful and warm message for me earlier this summer. It brought me comfort and hope and strength. Thank you.