Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Practice - Emotions

There was no stopping her, no reasoning, the clothes had to be washed and hung, baths taken, all before she could quit for the day.

Everyone sat, a pallor on their faces, avoiding the eyes of the others.

Not Hanna, she had scrubbed the floor with a will, beaten the rugs, swept the back porch and was now doing the washing. There was a glint in her unfocused eyes, she blinked, she must focus on the washing.

They couldn't understand her obsession, no one felt up to anything just then.

Minutes ticked away in a slow procession, each one holding up the others, until Ginny May ran through, irreverent. They tried to stop her, Minerva and Uncle Wes, but she was too quick to be caught.

'Charlie, out in the back, was digging up flowers, he had to be stopped or she was gonna hav to take grief again bout bringing home a stray. Oh lordie how she hated to hear them.'

Ginny May was a flash of sunshine, the others looked at each other when she had passed. But Hanna, she kept on working, Jim would need his shirt pressed.

Out the window, she could see Ginny, as she turned each shovel full of dirt. Hanna burned the shirt as she watched each spade full of dirt, filling the hole.


  1. Love ya Yvonne, though my name's Annie (a certain somebody that loves strawberries) ;D

    Thanks for the comment (and for reading).

  2. A delightful read! Poetry in prose, SG? Good work!

  3. SG everyone deals differently with grief and hot emotion. well told. ~rick

  4. Oh my GOSH!!!!!!!!!
    I Loved thisssssssssssss. and relate to Hannah lol
    CAN we have Moreeeeeeeeeeeee .. you are wonderful

    what does this spell BOOK lol

  5. Ajey, Thanks for the comment.

    Rick, I'm glad you could see what I was getting at.

    Inky, as alway's I love your comments, so encouraging. ;D

    As for the piece, this is a bit of practice, an assignment from the Internet Writing group. They have a system set up where we all submit entries and critique each others work. It's going to feel different than blogging because it is geared to critiques so they are going to pick apart stuff... that's how improvements are made though so I'm going to grit my teeth and bear it. ;D