Tuesday, August 18, 2009

the one

Probe this sadness, probe it with me
in hidden hollows, achiness, release.

Hollows hidden in my heart, sadness
I know not whence it came, whence it will go.


Touch upon hidden places,
into and out of the corners.

Achy, pent up reserves of tears,
release them, explore them, taste them on your tongue.

Mourning, weeping, wailing.

Enter Thalia daughter of the goddess,
restore happiness unto me.

Thalia, restore happiness to my breast,
thou deity of old.

Restore my heart, return to me,
limbs torn asunder in the wind, through the storm.

Fresh, life, renew, eternity

The aching building dam of sadness,
awaken, awoken fresh fears.

Dead, you have gone and I am left empty
as though you had died, have you not?

Mourn with me, upon the mount,
thou living God, are you not the one?

I confess to have felt you,
for your arms I have sought.

Explore the depths of my mourning,
probe my heart, we join together,
harmoniously seeking the depths, despair.

Thou hast abandoned me, I am,

Explore this sadness, probe the depths
enter in, kiss my tears away.

Gasping I release the anger, the pent up tears,
hidden ecstasy, relieve my agony.


Can I live, breath, through you?
Release, relieve, mourning, weeping, wailing.

Fears, deep fears, narrowly escape,
realization denied, Thalia cried

she had died.

Tread lightly, in the shadows
relieve the burden, upon my soul.

and on the third day was restored.

he is the one


  1. This one has me perplexed. Was it Thalia who died?

  2. I am being obtuse on purpose here, sorry... ;D


  3. Okay. Thanks. (Yes, I had to look up what obtuse meant in that context.)

  4. (hey Ajey, I just realized I stole your title... it fits though don't you agree?) ;D


  5. Wow. A beautiful and powerful piece of writing expressing the deepest emotion. Darkness, despair, release... that they be followed by light and hope.

  6. SG-
    hmmm..such finality in the finish. No doubt, when the rest seems entirely in doubt. searching, finding, abandonment, life, death, allegiance. aloneness. very complex. very intriguing and very well written. ~rick

  7. Is it truely finality, or an uncertain question?

    The funny thing about this piece is that I kept trying to get at a certain point, so I kept the thread of thought and started re-writing again, that is why certain things are repeated... I then left it and wrote Isreal Restored... I came back to this piece today and saw that I could tie it together a bit. Still it would take some discipline to fit it to a regular meter and I don't feel like doing it (right now) ;D So the ambiguios piece that you've got here is I suppose still unfinished.


  8. Hmm, I read it once in the morning and I continued to read it again and again. Again, it comes down to your structure that makes this piece so different from others' style. You probe deep and deeper into your readers' senses by using intensifiers - "mourning, weeping, wailing" I used a similar technique in a couple of my songs. It works wonders!

    This is very very good! Keep writing SG!

    And, yes, the title suits this fine piece!

  9. Mm I will have to come back and re-read this one. too good not to , also,. My take I am not sure is correct, but what I feel from this one is
    Why are the ONE's so dense, I mean really, do they really ever understand, US