Thursday, August 20, 2009

A note about my piece...

When I first wrote it, about a month ago, I felt uneasy posting it. I wrote it after reading Charles Dickens "A Tale of Two Cities" and wanted to capture a bit of his writing style in a piece.

The French Revolution was very dramatic, Dickens book about it is very vivid and telling. It is fast paced and the events move the book along rather than the plot.

So why feel uneasy posting my piece? Because it is a vivid, telling, and slightly unnerving piece. I think the feelings here in America are of frustration, I am certainly frustrated, yet we are far better off than the people of France leading up to the French revolution. Their injustices were many, they were a repressed people, at their breaking point.

So with that said, I liked the way that the piece helped me bring out a dramatic style, but still, it is a bit unnerving to read (ever spook yourself while telling ghost stories?) ;D


(and Ajey, I don't know how I managed to post a draft and the finished piece but I did... so you all get to see the draft below the "finished" piece.)


  1. GReaT GREAT SG,,. congrats on getting to the finish piece. Yes I get spooked by telling ghost stories, I who love them never to watch alone lol
    or one who sits with object in hand when noise is heard , I am not sure whay i have to have the lights out when watching a ghost story.. LOL

  2. Hmm, that explains it! Well, despite that, you've done justice to the theme! Yes, you've conveyed the drama quite well. Great job! Keep writing!!!

  3. SG-interesting all the more so now. Perhaps prophetic? Great writing. ~rick

  4. Thanks to ya' all. It just felt weird like I was a walking prophetess of doom or something, channeling emotion... tricky and sometimes a bit unnerving.

  5. "When I first wrote it...I felt uneasy posting it."

    You sure know how to stimulate a fellow's interest in reading your writing!

    The question becomes one of similarity, that is, how much is the America of today really like what Dickens wrote about. Is it bad here, today for a lot of people? Yes, it is. But is it anywhere near as bad?