Monday, August 10, 2009


The dark solemn night, a gentle gust of wind blew, glimmering radiant wings shone, fluttering in the gentle breeze.

Butterfly's in hues of blue, green, bright monarchs, rising upward towards the moon.

A solemn procession of beauty heralding the hopes of a lost world, words uttered in prayer, echoing over the high mountain peaks and concentrated onto the spot where the dawning of a new day had begun.

A child fresh from the womb emerged, her tears cried out to be heard. She was carried by her grandmother, to be hid from the world for three days, a world in which the colors of life had faded, faded like flowers carried many hours.

Sipapu the place of emergence.

Her aunts gathered, braiding the new mothers hair, cleansing her body, restoring her to wholeness. Brightly colored beads were woven into it, signifying her triumph over death.

The baby was bathed and wrapped in a soft doe skin blanket gently nursed at her mothers breast, the life force flowed between them.

On the third day, a meal was prepared, prayers were uttered, and mother emerged with her daughter, stepping out into the hues of the early sunrise, they name her kurena.

We come at sunrise
to greet you.
We call you
at sunrise.
Father of the clouds
you are beautiful
at sunrise.

(Native American poetry and some artistic elements found here


  1. We're all butterflies. And my captcha proves it-wingued.

  2. A most beautiful post and very interesting to read about the native American custom. I think it is good to learn of other countries customs as it broadens one's horizions.


  3. SG- sipapu. there are a lot of words I like in this. really pretty to read in the early morning with coffee. Kurena...very pretty. ~rick

  4. Wow, what an amazing piece of writing! Unique and challenging. And very powerful.



  5. Butterfly's in hues of blue, green, bright monarchs, rising upward towards the moon.
    WOW this made me cry, so touching, as a mother , I feel so much here, relating.
    where's the BOOK lol

  6. Thank you all, I thought of the butterfly's first, and the Native American tradition of childbirth came to me next I can't remember which tribe it was that I am loosely describing here. It is one of many tribes traditions though.

    (I will look it up)

    (and really, thanks so much for the support, I'm having a tough time right now)


  7. sending just some really good thoughts and prayers to you filled with blessings in hopes it will cheer you up and send good times your way. HUGS HUGS HUGS

  8. SG just to make you laugh and lift your spirits. I do not know how I missed ricks post but I am in tears laughing here and it has helped my mood. Check it out I know it will cheer you UP..

  9. SG- I'm so sorry to hear of the tough time. Please be well, dear Friend. Thanks for your visits. ~rick

  10. I love it! Such beautiful, delicate imagery... *sniff* ...touching.

  11. just popped over to send good thoughts, hope your day is going well. SMILES