Saturday, August 8, 2009

Israel Restored

Silence, like death in the valley of Israel
awake, restore my strength.

renew, reveal

Silence, from the depths of a broken heart
broken in ignorance, innocence.

promises, hope

The gentle cadence of thy lips upon my own
swallows the lies of my fears.

empty, ignorance

Your voice like a light upon the high mountain
dawn breaking over the horizon.

wise, tears

Lightly I touch my lips in remembrance
of thy sweetness.

heaven, restored


  1. Heaven restored... amazing.
    Thank you for the bday wishes!

  2. Annie- nice touch, using Israel in a restoration poem. Restoration is always done for a reason. Nice writing. ~rick

  3. Sometimes, the fewer the words, the deeper the meaning. This is one of those times. Well done!
    Blessings, Star

  4. Thank ye all kindly, I sort of liked this little poem. ;D

  5. "Silence, from the depths of a broken heart
    broken in ignorance, innocence"

    I liked that part a lot.

  6. Wow, it's simple, beautiful and powerful.

  7. Healing, restoration, the 'yin yang' balance... Btw, I love the title too :)

  8. Thank you all so much for reading and commenting!

  9. Love the form of this one, Annie. It is as though walking out of a valley. Surmounting. Winning.

  10. "Heaven restored" - ah! Brilliant! Since when did you start writing short pieces? I reckon you are doing well with this style! Keep writing!!!

  11. Erin, I like the analogy, it fits and feels good to hear.

    Ajey, I started out writing short pieces, it is returning to them when I write them. Poetry was and is the challenge, but I have found that I enjoy it. I like your style as well!! ;D