Thursday, August 13, 2009

Imperfectly Perfect

The rigours, the means, the might and emotion of being normal.

Normal in a world of flawless beauty,

the chipped vase on the counter,

the dent in the new car,

the flaw that is hidden, yet still there.

Imperfect in proportion, crooked, lopsided,

yet wonder

that I and you together can combine

to create

the tiny fingers that we marvel at in wonder,

the sigh of a new infant

a perfect soul in an imperfect world,

who will grow to become imperfectly perfect.


  1. Hmmmmmm... the mystery and magical beauty of 'new life'... even our imperfect world cannot take the beauty of that 'marvel and wonder' away from our human consciousness...

  2. You've been recognized! Go check it out.

  3. Cath, yes you've got it, thank you for commenting.

    Georgie, thank you so much, you're terrific!

  4. nothing more precious than looking at this wonderful gift one has the privilege to create. when the whole world seems to be crumbling around us, this little magical human being with tiny fingers and toes, reminds us to smile, to live, to forget our troubles, and we look upong them , a smile forms on our lips, our heart feels warm, we feel GREAT and say, How Perfect."

    wonderful , Congrats on your award, you are so deserving of it.. SMILES

  5. how cute! yes, as King David said, "I was conceived throught the (imperfection) of my he so implied.

    those tiny fingers... are heavenly to hold especially when they clutched to our imperfect hands...

    Thank You Strawberry Girl sweet as it sounds....

  6. For me, it is the imperfections that make things likable. Mona Lisa didn't have the perfectly shaped face and the leaning tower of Pisa wasn't geometrically perfect too.

    I'd go for those imperfections every time, after all, we are humans.

    "to create

    the tiny fingers that we marvel at in wonder,

    the sigh of a new infant"

    ---> these lines are perfect


  7. Looking at a newborn... even the most jaded and pessimistic among us can't help but feel hope at the sight, and inspiration in the innocence. Every new life is full of unthinkable potential. "He" might save many with his skill. "She" may nurture thousands with her love.

    I think babies emerge from the womb wearing nothing but what God gave them, and that's why we can't resist them.


  8. Sg- thanks for giving hope to misfits such as I. Your kind poetry was not wasted. ~rick

  9. Inky, your comment is in itself poetic, perfect, thank you.

    Z, Thank you, that is part of the appeal of the Mona Lisa... her imperfections.

    Ananji, yes, definantly, I cannot resist a new baby! They are truely messengers of hope.

    Rick, now that makes me laugh, considering that I feel like the misfit... ;D

  10. The miracle of new life is wonderful, you wonder what he/she will grow up like, we all have imperfections yet we are loved because of them.


  11. I completely agree with Z's comment!

    Ha! I am so glad that your style still remains so fresh! Keep at it! I loved this piece!

  12. That is so wonderful. It makes me feel emotional.

  13. Yvonne, I am so glad that we all have imperfections, they do endear us to each other.

    Ajey, so glad to see that you are back! Thank you for the refreshing comment! ;D

    Time, oh all powerful force... ;D Thank you for the comment.


  14. nice to see you online again. missed Yah MUCH.. cannot wait for your next write.. SMILES luv ya 2

  15. I'm so glad you ended that as you did, imperfectly perfect. That is the truth of it, not a one in the world perfect but as we are - imperfectly perfect.