Friday, August 28, 2009


There is no reason,
it just happened to begin that way,
a shivering of fantasies up my spine and down again.

So sly, a glance between moments
eyes that linger, savour, caress.

Pinpoint the attraction, I cannot
fill in the meaning between the lines,
is it there?

Brush against me, scent of sanity,
taste the sweetness upon my lips.


Flowing freedom of silence,
does it mean anything to you?

The darkness and the moon,
snuff out the meaning, an illusion.

Risk everything upon the vision,
you, shimmering in the night.


  1. Poignant! Human longing perfectly penned.

  2. Thank you for the comment, I hope you are doing well. (By the way, I recently realized that the title of your blog is a reference to a book about soldiers and what they carried with them. Clever girl.)

  3. Excellently written, we all need human longing at some point you made the message come across perfectly.


  4. Sensual, yet sombre in longing...

  5. Georgie, I hope that means you've got a crush and not that my poetry is getting too repetitive... ;D

    I have used certain terms in this piece before though.

  6. What a brilliant poem! Perfect wording and the imagery is, as always, spot on.

    SG, the thing I have noticed about your poems is that one reading is never enough. I always read your poems twice, because they offer more to me upon closer inspection. This poem was such a joy, I read it five times in a row. :) Really well done.

  7. SG-interesting you use the scent of sanity and then declare it insane. Lovely and deep with longing. ~rick

  8. Yvonne, thanks for the comment.

    Cath, glad to see you girl! Thanks for the comment.

    Time, oh though powerful ruler of the universe... ;D Thank you I am flattered.

    Rick, ah yes drink in that sanity, it drives you insane! ;D