Thursday, August 6, 2009

Free the life Within you

Fresh, new, feral, an instinct for preservation, new life, freedom, being, wholeness, fidelity. life. love. happiness.

Reinvent, make new, become who you have always wanted to be in your wildest dreams, the achingly beautiful specter of freedom, cling to the harmonious bows of the trees as you sway and give way to the breeze.

Laugh, love, dance and become, become, become you have won. It matters not what fickle fate has dealt if you ache for it, reach for it, pull and tug at the hand of destiny.

Where ere you may go, seek for the snow, pure driven beautiful illusion of an image, mirage, focus only on becoming a saint, a martyr. Empty your pockets of delusions of grander, become a swaying goddess in the early morning hours become a temple of beauty to flock unto.

Appoint the place that you dwell with palatial beauty and friendliness. Ache, ache, let your heart be released, let your fears fade away let life and harmony flow through your slender typing hands as you tenderly stroke the soft baby's cheek.

Throbbing with life, growing with life, in tune with the universe, become an angel of deliverance. Hold the precious gift in your hands, tiny, perfect beautiful gift. Womanhood revealed.


  1. What a lovely post, it describes many things in life but the miracle of motherhood is the most important role any woman ca undertake.
    you have written this in such a way it brought tears to my eyes.


  2. SG- with thoughts as these, how can a day drive you mad? I fell rocking into your words. Thank You~rick

  3. Thank you Yvonne. I recalled a bit the picture of you dancing as I wrote this, I am glad that you liked it. I agree, about motherhood, very important!

    Rick, the thoughts drive you mad if you cannot express them, and sometimes they refuse to be expressed. I loved writing this, a tap into my free flowing thought process... (that doesn't always make sense) ;D

  4. I can only say through my tears that are slowly running down my face, blinking to clear my eyes so I may type, THIS IS YOUR BEST !!!

    GOD U are wonderful.. SIGH..

  5. I saw this as a birth of more than a child. Child, yes, but perhaps art, creation of any sort, life itself. Beautiful writing.

  6. This is sheer beauty! I read this in the morning, okay. I have a reason for not replying back then. I conducted an experiment. I wanted to notice, how much of this piece I can recollect as I walk through busy streets.

    I could not recollect the exact lines, but I did recollect the entire idea. You have a winner here SG.

    Complement this with smudged clear guitar strokes, and this serves so therapeutic. I mean it, this is just fantastic!

    Alas, if you do not mind, club these lines with my song, "Cry" - "Ache, ache, let your heart be released, let your fears fade away let life and harmony flow" - I did so, and, the effect is just mind-blowing!

    I reckon, we could pen down something together. Keep writing!!!

  7. It is amazing to me Ajey that you always seem to pick out the pieces that I pen most freely. I wrote this out as an excercise in writing and liked how it sounded. In fact I have another piece that I am going to take a fresh look at today that I wrote right after reading Charles Dickens "A Tale of Two Cities" which is very interesting to read just as it is but needs a little polishing. It would be interesting to work with you. I'm flattered as you are such a terrific artist!