Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Where Earth and Heaven Meet

Cherubim guard the gate where earth and heaven meet,

there is no return.

She has left the garden,

searching where her head my lay.

It is the hour,

solitary in purpose, magnificent, radiant, a hush descends.

The scent is strong here,

the scent of divinity.

Divine breath,

she surrenders to Yahweh.

The forces of heaven gather,

the consecration of power shudders through her body.

she gasps,

she cries,

behold the manifestation of destiny.


  1. Oh I thought it was about death! Sorry if that insults you? It's cool that there can be more than one meaning. I'll be interested to see what other people got from it.

    (Congrats to your kitty!)

  2. okay, SG- whatever inspires us I guess. But now ya gotta get rid of the little buggers. Oh, that's for another day. Today they are beautiful and your words full of light. How can things get better? nite~rick

  3. As I read this I was thinking about my father's death. I think it would have been so different for him. But then, what do any of us know?

    The scent of divinity. I like this greatly. It would fill.

  4. Have you tried getting published? Some of these little pieces you've written could sprout into longer novels, or short story collections. You really are talented.

  5. Yes I made the mistake of mentioning where I got the inspiration (partially) and that was my Kitty having kittens yesterday. Though this piece was sparked by that, there is more to it then that and I have written some allegories into this. It is not hard to see why the thought of death came to your mind, yet isn't birth like death in a way?

    Time, ah yes the name... all about power eh? ;D Thank you for the comment

    Rick, thank you for the comment.

    Erin, it would fill, yes indeed.

    Georgie, so glad you stopped by, I love visiting you blog.

  6. AH! That is so beautifully put SG! Well done! An unusual take always draws my attention. Also, you have not got carried away and have very well conveyed the feel. Well done, again! Keep writing!!!

  7. Where did she go? Heaven? Oh my, she's in the after life.

    I just hope she had an interesting life on Earth.

    Her destiny is to become an angel. Lovely thoughts in a poem SG.


  8. Ajey, thank you I was waiting for your comment because I thought you might like this piece.

    Z, ah yes the after life, or the beginning which ironically what I was trying to convey. ;D