Thursday, September 10, 2009

Silver Lies

Breathe life into me, for your arms I have ached

my lips have parted for the sweet taste of your silver tongue.


as i tell myself that all is right,

as I hope for things which I haven't seen.

Silent as I lay here in this eerie world of darkness

as I lay awaiting the hope of a new beginning.

The light, how dim it has grown as I walk down the hungry streets.

I have breathed in the air of bitter recourse

after the elation of our love has crashed after these many years.

How could I have known what the silence meant,

the desperation hidden behind veiled eyes.


  1. A very strong title! I love the ending lines very much! Keep writing!!!

  2. I don't know how you can post poem after poem after poem. Your capacity for poetry is so impressive! :o

    I like this poem.
    I notice recurring themes & imagery.

  3. SG,

    You painted a very vivid scene here. Great imagery! Specially the part about the silver tongue. he he he. That was cool!


  4. Annie- I left a comment but don't think it went through. Mentioned how the streets are never satisfied and silence is rarely good. But your writing is always golden. Take care~rick

  5. Ajey, thanks, you've always been so supportive.

    All Powerful Time! Thank you I am flattered, you are right about the recurring themes.

    Z, glad you liked that, it's my favorite part as well.

    Rick, I did get your other comment, thank you so much for both and you are so right!

  6. I love how Rick said sometimes silence is rarely good and your writing is golden.. AMEN to that..

    I am lost for words . I have been trying to catch up and I have seen 4 now and each one is brillant!!!
    the desperation hidden behind veiled eyes.
    my fave line..