Wednesday, January 23, 2013


There is passion and there's fire in me baby

I can't let the world pass by

I need you to do it for me baby

you can do it if you try

I am a flame and I have been burned

there are ancient tear drops on my face

Your insecurities and anger towards me baby

almost put me in my place

I have smoldered I have burned I have faced the shame and fear

Can you do it baby? I will be right here

Wield the sword of passion for me baby, stand up to your fear

I know that you can do it baby, I know victory is near.


  1. Don't let anyone even know of your place let alone put you there. Keep the element of mystery. Love the fire and passion and dare in this, SG. Grrrr... ~rick

  2. There is a song in this one. All you need now is the music.

  3. excellent words as the above comment said with the right music this could be a good song.


  4. Very cool! I agree, a song for sure!

  5. I almost forgot!! Happy early birthday! Hope you are treated like a princess on Sunday!!

  6. Rick, the mystery is the greatest part of living. Thanks for the comment ;D

    Erin, I am flattered, I was thinking in a sort of lyrical way as I wrote this. Though I think that there needs to be other elements to it to make it a good song.

    Yvonne, I loved your latest post!! It brought tears to my eyes. (As it is about tears, there is no wonder) Thank you as always for commenting.

    Darla, thank you for the comments, and well wishes on my birthday. Gonna be 30, and amazingly I think I am better than when I was 16, so it doesn't bother me a bit! ;D

  7. Yes, I imagine this as a great song SG. I reckon, although the structure is quite unusual for a song, you can make an unconventional one with a lot of instrumental sections. Let me stop myself from deviating now. This is very very good! Keep writing!!!