Sunday, July 19, 2009

Of Dark Matter

Gaze out over the night sky, as dark as a fathomless pit, yet with a different quality about it. I believe they call it "dark matter."

Not realizing that what they mean is that even in places where darkness reigns, is a matter, so powerful as to let its presence be known.

We all have those dark places, holes left after the brilliant star that was shinning there has burnt out. It may seem like there is nothing there, but the observant know what is left, no insignificant emptiness, no.

A space that will fill with tears as you walk down familiar paths, a memory of something that is no more.

Yet brilliant stars can leave diamonds of memory also, cold after the warmth of the sun, yet no less beautiful.

Do we wish these fragments of memory to be gone? We may, yet without them the brilliance of the star will be forgotten. Without them we cannot feel as deeply as we do now and the joy's in the future would not mean as much to us.

Even matter that is dark is a reflection of something beautiful, made up of brilliant memories.


  1. An excellent write Strawberry Girl,sometimes memories good or bad do go by the wayside and a darkness of the moments appear, then a spark re emerges and many a good memory is relived. A most enjoyable read.


  2. Annie-
    I think we need those tucked away memories to brush the present with shadowed understanding. Nicely brought out. ~rick

  3. So lovely!! Your writing ability amazes me!

  4. some walks we make ( myself ) we choose for the star not to shine anymore if it reflects on memories we DARE not to remember, However, that star could shine and lead us into the lightened paths we do want to walk back over again and again, just to remember, bitter sweet. When I go back home and walk paths of what used to be or was once there, tears fill my eyes, recalling days gone by and what could have been or was..
    Great POST.

  5. Yvonne, thanks for the comment. Memories are as you say.

    Rick, that is very poetic thank you for the comment.

    Darla, thank you, I hope to develop the skill.

    Inky, WOW, I love the extrapolation. I too have nostalgic moments when I go back home, past many dear places. Funny how what was insignificant can become significant when lost. (Like a certain park that our family used to hold reunions at... several water fights as well).

  6. Oh, and I wanted to thank you Inky for the comment on my post on Celiacs, all true. It is a shock to find out about the disease, yet it is then liberating and we are not deprived, just more empowered after we know what we are dealing with.


  7. Funny isn't it, how comforting mountains are? I didn't live among them until I was 37 (that was 23 years ago), but now I can't imagine not seeing them everyday. I'm glad they bring you comfort too.

  8. Brilliant! I am seeing two sides of everyone's personality here. Keep writing!!!

  9. Snowbrush, they do hold a special allure for me, they have been the steadiest of friends. Thanks for the visit.

    Ajey, I am really, really gratefull for your encouragement!