Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Eternity, a vision of you and me the circular symbol of fidelity.

In endless visions I fight, to understand what my dreams mean at night.

What bit of heart belongs to you,

what will I do, will I ever do?

I stand here empty,


empty hands.

A vessel run dry,

no tears to cry.

*That's a lie


  1. Above poem result of headache, having too many thoughts and not being able to give them voice.

    Sorry it's a bit, uh, dry... ;D

  2. Actually Annie, it is very good. I have stood there before, empty but so very not, wondering too.


  3. Dry or not, it is most profound, my dear.

  4. A good post, too many thoughts can cloud one's judgement. Enjoyed the read very much.
    Take care.


  5. ah, SG, but you have given them voice. and options. SShh.. sleep. rest...~rick

  6. It's never dry when it comes from your heart. You should make no apologies for your work. It's always good, it's always feeling, it's always meaningful.

    And anyone reading it can relate on their own level.

    Be good to yourself.

  7. well if my headaches could write such poetry I's want them more.. lol

    love the last part, A vessel run dry no tears to cry, " that's a lie"

    I as a woman have had those visions day and night.. SMILES

  8. I am having another day like this right now. Maybe too stressed?

    I hope we find that "sparkle" we need to write properly.


  9. Rush, thank you for the comment.

    Michelle, it's an odd feeling isn't it?

    FishHawk, thank you for the kind words.

    Yvonne, thank you as well, I always enjoy hearing from you.

    Rick, that's exactly what I needed.

    Ananji, you are so good for me soul sister.

    Inky, *grin* I could have done without the headache, but they do come sometimes.

    Z, Oi' I think we both must be a bit stressed. Perhaps a day out fishing by the lake would do you and me good. (And actually I have one planned in a few weeks). Put up a sign and take a break Z, you deserve it!


  10. Hmm, well, frankly, this is dry in a good sense. I mean, the dryness helps convey how exactly you feel. And, isn't that what every writer wants to do? - convey what he/she feels. Yes, there are many thoughts, but you quite wisely, spaced them out in this piece. Good job! Keep it up!!! And, keep writing SG!!!

  11. You read this right Ajey, there was a lot that I could say but it would have clouded up what I was trying to say so I didn't write more when I could have (I thought about it but decided to hold off).

    I am glad you all got this... ;D