Thursday, July 16, 2009


Speak words so softly, the night has not yet passed,

my dream a reality that I have yet to grasp.

I walk among the mountain peaks, the mists and the sun rays through the clouds. I walk and the silence speaks, speaks to my heart, drawing the venom out, and I am left with conclusions.

The internal battle fought and I am aching, yearning for something, for joy and happiness to flow like milk and honey, to be filled from your presence, not drained.

I walk in silence, through the valley of eternal twilight where the crickets chirp all the day long, they search too for something that cannot be found on the grounds parched surface.

I am yours, you growl, desperately you seek to keep me. I cannot be understood with your eyes, for I am a creature of light, a creature of words.

Happiness and true fidelity will only flow from me as the give and take of life is mediated through shared confidences and understanding.

If you want me you must speak sincere words of beauty and life, or else I die, shrivelled up from neglect in a corner of your prized possessions.

I will lay down my downy dreamers head, to hide from you the tears that are caused by the stinging burn of a fire that takes and does not give.

I have stayed and I stay because you are ignorant and innocent, yet fire in love with water cannot be sustained.

My well is going dry


  1. That was so beautiful!
    'for joy and happiness to flow like milk and honey'.
    I believe honesty and truth, and trust are mandatory in a relationship! And I know how it feels to just keep giving and giving, until you're dried up..

  2. Did you know that you're brilliant? You really are, with your writing and all. :)

  3. It seems when we walk in the dry dessert, our inner selves produce the most profound arrangements of words (or whatever our creative outlet may be). It must be that our minds move in many directions and think in many colors while we decipher the world and its events. As we look for a way out, we look far inward and find there is a vast amount of beauty. (I hope you see it in yourself.)

    I wish that alone could solve the world's problems.

    Peaceful moments to you, SG. I hope you feel peace in those moments when you look at what you've created.


  4. This is staggering! I am thinking of an oasis + fantasy + mythology! (keyword) I like the free verse style in this one. You just let your thoughts flow without been put into any form or shape. Nice! Keep writing!!!

  5. Nana, hey girl how are you doing? From what I've read of your stuff I knew you would get this. Thanks for the comment.

    Georgie, WOW, thank you so much for the comment. I am really flattered.

    Ananji, I too wish that we could solve the worlds problems with some inner reflection. In fact I think we could if we could all connect that somehow or other with everyone else.

    Ajey, you read what I was drawing from to write from, interesting. Beyond the words, now that is cool. Plus you got the style, that is exactly what I did, and that is where my best work comes from. Wish I could tap that to write more structured and longer pieces, I believe I will with time. In fact I am in awe of your recent piece, really in awe, that's where I am headed.

  6. Sg- so much good stuff I can't pull out a favorite line. but like the downy dreamers head and a dream as a reality to be grasped. Excellent writing. Seems to be a theme among us scribblers these days. Wanting something that's missing. ~rick

  7. Annie! You have grown so much this past little while....and for what you wrote on Christophers blog...thanks :) We are all seekers, does he not do it so well!


  8. WOW Intense, fire and water surely do NOT mix. Do you read my mind he he

    I am still waiting for that BOOK .. have a great weekend.

  9. Rick, I loved the image of the downy dreamers head. Thanks for the comment. ;D

    Michelle, thank you. I have become more comfortable with myself, so I think that shows.

    Inky, what a compliment. I have all sorts of things to learn and think about before a book will be on its way. But it is a goal, thanks for the comment. ;D

  10. The thrill of the chase, ah ha! what fun, what excitement, but then, when we have what we want, don't we just neglect it and put it in a corner? Can't do that with humans though because it causes hurt. Create another chase and be noticed. I loved your words and the depth of your thoughts.
    Blessings, Star